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Trip to Mandalay

I have not really travelled domestically within Myanmar for more than a decade. So, I decided to travel to Mandalay, a historic and royal place of Myanmar.

I took a bus from Yangon on 11th September, 2014 at 9pm (local time). The bus was chilly and comfortable. But I knew it was going to be a long ride. In fact, the trip was about 8 hours long. So, I took the opportunity to recover whichever sleep that I had lost in the past few days. On top of that, it was a night ride and the road to Mandalay is just one straight road. Therefore, I knew the trip was going to be boring with nothing to look around. We had two stops. Had a quick supper and it was pretty good. I was amazed by how Feel had managed to pull of a 24/7 high way restaurant with good food and decent service quality in the middle of nowhere but dust and wind.

I reached to Mandalay around 6am on 12th September, 2014. The first

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Business Plan Starter Kit

As a first-time startup founder, it’s quite overwhelming when it comes to preparing paperwork for your first round of funding. Here is a sample structure that has helped me.

 1. Pitch Deck

  • Problem
  • Solution
  • How It Works
  • Market
  • Business Model
  • Competitors
  • Unfair Advantage
  • Team
  • Investment
  • Contact Details

 2. Business Plan

  • Executive Summary
    • Product/Company Overview
    • Vision
    • Mission
    • Team
    • Investment & Valuation
    • Exit Strategy
  • Product/Business
    • Problem
    • Solution
    • Target Audience
    • Industry Size
    • Competitors
    • Roadmap
  • Team
    • Management
    • Advisors
  • Sales & Marketing
    • Pricing Strategy
    • Sales Channels
    • Projections (Be brutally realistic)
    • SWOT
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Marketing Channels
  • Ops
    • Recruitment Strategy
    • Organisational Chart
  • Finance
    • Projections (Ops + Sales)
    • Funding Request
    • Return (or) Exit Strategy

Since pitch decks and business plans differ from entrepreneur to entrepreneur, the format

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Hacking your way through funding

Funding is possibly one of the hardest things that a startup founder has to do at some point along the journey. Here are some of the lessons that I have learnt along the way.

 1. Build a list of potential investors

This is one of the very first steps that you should take while sourcing for funding. Create a spreadsheet or a Trello board and start listing down all the potential investors that you would like to talk to. Here’s a brief example -

Screen Shot 2014-07-01 at 6.37.51 pm.png

The most important part to take note is the last column. You should never get an investor for the sake of money. Find someone who can genuinely help you. Partner with someone who compliments your skills and guide you along.

 2. Find people who can help

Cold emails do work! There is no doubt about that. However, warm introductions are still the best way to get acquainted with an investor (or) a VC of your choice. Think of it as this way. How

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Convert square blocks to Zawgyi with iOS8 Action Extension

Apple introduced tons of great additions to iOS experience and Extensions framework was one of the new features that I’m most excited about. Before iOS8, we could not integrate our apps with others. With iOS8, we can now integrate our apps with others to a certain extent. Here are 5 different types of extensions that app developers can now make -

  1. Today extensions (Widgets)
  2. Share extensions (For integration with Share sheet)
  3. Photo Editing extensions (Yay! Going to see a lot more integrated VSCO(
  4. Storage Provider extensions (Good news for Box, Dropbox, Drive and etc)
  5. Action extensions (This is the most interesting)

Let’s look at Action extensions. Basically, they allow apps to manipulate content from another app within the app itself. For instance, as part of WWDC demo, you can now translate a webpage without ever leaving safari.

There are two types of

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